Office Furniture

Office Cupboards

Made of heavy steel by constant experiments and improvements. Our manufactured products have been made durable and strong Normally sizes, 72" x 45" x 18", 72" x 36" x 18". KHOKHAR steel range is prepared in the country from high class imported steel manufactured to the highest standard.

Fire Resistant Cupboards

We have very wide range of Fire Resistant Cupboards.

Steel Filling Cabinets

We have very wide range of Steel Fillig Cabinets. Some images of Steel Filling Cabinets is showing below.

Office Table

We have very wide range of Office Tables. Some images of office Tables is showing below.

Steel Book Shelves

We have very wide range of Steel Book Shelves. Some images of Steel Book Shelves is showing below.

Student Lockers

The durable and preservation free locker system that offers strength and security. Made for special applications where personnel storage is required built-in horizontal louvers provide ventilation.