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GR Khokhar & Sons is a leading manufacturer of steel products and peripherals all over Pakistan since 1952 our priority is the optimum client satisfaction through higher standard of quality and diversified range of product that we offer.

A Legacy since six decades

G.R.Khokhar & Sons, in business for over 65 years, progressively grown as a leading manufacturer of quality steel products. We believe in client service with higher standard of quality of our product and an endeavor to satisfy our customer in accordance of their requirements, we believe in lasting and trust worthy relationship through mutual understandings and benefits.

Our Aims

To provide exceptional value and quality products along with guaranteed satisfaction to all our customers, it is the part of our mission to offer our client an exceptional value.

Our Goals

"We don't just make products, we make relationships"
We focus on the important thing that is quality at affordable price, which allow us to establish a great base of customers who refer us to their clients, friends and mates.

Our Guarantee

Every product made by GR Khokhar & sons is guaranteed against defects in workmanship, material and performance.

Our value added Services

Experts available to discuss and assess the exact security and storage needs and solutions.
Plan suggestions and layout drawings
Custom designed products to meet your individual requirements
After sale service

Our Key Clients

Our clients come from cutting-edge competitive private companies with strong organic growth

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Some Security Tips

Always buy the best level of security you can afford, this level of security is strongly recommended by the trust worthy safe manufacturer

Never leave the key in or near the lock, or where it might easily be seen by a thief.

If in doubt, ask for advice, either from your safe manufacturer

If you have a telephone answering machine, do not leave a message saying you're away.

Always ask to see the identity of someone claiming to be from the gas, electricity, water, telephone etc. A genuine person will be pleased you asked and will pass you their card. Look carefully before letting them in.

Never leave a spare key outside your home. Most hiding places are obvious to intruders.